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Current exhibit

(closes on december 31 2018)


"Sour Grapes" At the JCC Krakow Poland

“When parents eat unripe grapes, the children’s teeth suffer”, Ezekiel 18 old testament

As a son of an holocaust survivor and a father myself, I explore  how much of the scars of the parents are transferred to the child.

Past exhibits and competition:


JCC Krakow Poland "sour grapes" (2018), Stock exchange building Ramat Gan (2015), Hod-Hasharon municipal building (2011), The yearning for peace Galil gallery (2007), 2007 biennale London medial museum (2007), The shade of the cave Ganey Tikva Theater house (2006), Nes Ziona artist house (2004).

Group exhibitions:

St. Petersburg national museum, Russia (6/2017), Novasibirsk Museum, Sibiria Russia (5/2017), Montifiory gallery, Tel Aviv (3/2017), Zafon Theatre, Ramat Gan (2/2017), Tirosh gallery Herzelia (12/2016), Amiad gallery Jafo (2015 and 2014), Gabriel gallery Galile north of Israel (2010 and 2011), Many house Leumi Bank secret art exhibition (2009), Gebo gallery (2007), Shorashim gallery (2007), Tirosh auction house (2007), Untitled gallery Haifa (2006), Zelezniak gallery Herzelia (2005), AIA gallery Vancouver Canada (1999), Tel Aviv artists house (1998).

Competition and prizes:

Medial 2 London competition, 2nd place 2007

Yanko dada Ein Hod artist village competition 2007 1st place

Osnat Moses art competition 2007 1st place

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