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About Hillel Zhenwirth

The bubble 

My name is Hillel Zehnwirth, and I live in a bubble. In my bubble, I am the main actor, the director, and the producer. I am the absolute truth and God. Occasionally, reality annoys, disturbs, and distorts the bubble. The bubble is a mirror of reality, a reflection of reality and culture. My self-image is often different from how people see me; my internal mirror distorts reality. I have an obsession with the human eye; the eye is a bubble in itself, a mirror into the soul.

We are born without consciousness, and slowly the environment changes us; everything pulls in its own direction, trying to sculpt us in its image. For a child, the parents are his gods, then come friends and culture. Small replicas of the parents and the environment. One is connected to the other with strong, invisible, unbreakable cables. In reflection, I look into the past and see the long path to the soul.

I can promise you something similar but different from anything you've seen before. An experience that is funny and sad at the same time. Maybe you'll love me, maybe you'll hate me forever! Or both, who knows. I have no pretensions, but I still try to go as far as I can before I drop dead.

Well, if you've made it this far, I thank you; it wasn't simple. If for some reason you are still curious, I would be happy to include you in the bubble....

Hillel Zhenwirth


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